National Luna 40L Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezer with Bluetooth

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With decades of proven experience on every major continent, National Luna’s portable 12V fridges and freezers have consistently outperformed the competition and set the industry’s benchmark for durability, efficiency, and performance. Today, they set another standard with the unveiling of their newly improved Legacy Smart Fridges and Freezers with Bluetooth technology.

Features only available on the Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezer:

  •   Bluetooth connectivity with the NL Connect App
  •   Change temp readings from Celsius to Fahrenheit 
  •   Turn off individual zones in dual control models

The new Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezer is compatible with the NL Connect App, National Luna’s mobile application, featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology that allows you to interact wirelessly with your National Luna products.

With the NL Connect App connected to your fridge/freezer, you can:

  • Monitor live fridge temperatures and status.
  • Control temperature set-points.
  • Adjust fridge operating modes.
  • Get notified of fault conditions. 
  • Everything you can do on the fridge display is possible on NL Connect

The Legacy & Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezers share all these features:

Powered by their latest ingenuity, a proprietary Off-Road Compressor, the new National Luna Legacy & Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezers will cool down faster and stay cool longer, all with less energy, and harness the power of remote control through your phone.

National Luna’s range of Legacy & Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezers are developed for performance at high ambient temperatures, minimum power consumption, and overall operating efficiency. These fridges are recognized as the world’s most powerful portable option. Low power consumption is achieved using 40mm and 60mm high-density insulation and a very compact design.

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