Nissan - Frontier - Crew Cab - 2021-Present - 3rd Gen - Explore Series - Second Row Seat Delete Plate System

Seat Delete: 40% Driver Side
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Nissan Frontier Crew Cab 3rd Gen. Crew Cab Second Row Seat Delete Plate System is designed to create a flat platform that you can use to secure your gear, for the dog bed and can also be used to store your refrigerator of cooler. 

This Frontier Seat Delete Plate System comes with a Goose Gear Back Wall Panel for both 40% Seat Delete and 60% Seat Delete.

Images shown include both the 40% and 60% options but are sold separately.

40%  Driver Seat Delete comes in (2) versions for the Nissan Frontier Crew Cab, one to go around the factory subwoofer and a second version for those wishing to remove or that do not have the factory subwoofer option.

60% Passenger Seat Delete comes in (1) version.

Note: Does not require modification or relocation of any kind.

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