Toyota Tacoma 2005-2023 2nd and 3rd Gen. - Truck Bed Single Drawer Module - Top Plates

Drawer Size: 19-3/16"W x 50"D
Vehicle Side & Hatch Style: Driver Side - 1 Access Hatch
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Sale price$595.00


This product is the Top Plate option for the Toyota Tacoma Truck Bed Single Drawer Module. 

Requires purchase of Goose Gear Tacoma System Plate and Module.

With this 8-1/2" tall drawer module you are able to customize it to your liking by selecting the drawer width, length, as well as Top Plate option. Upon selecting your Top Plate  width and length, please be sure to select correct size matching the drawer module you have.  

Select your Top Plate that matching your drawer and install wishes: 

  • Top Plate Size (please be sure to select correct size matching the drawer module you have) 
    • Width Options:
      • 19-3/16" 
      • 23-5/16" 
    • Length Options:
      • 50" 
      • 59"
      • 70"
  • Vehicle Side 
    • Drive Side 
    • Passenger Side 
  • Access Hatch Option 
    • 1 Access Hatches 
    • 3 Access Hatches
    • No Access Hatches 

This top plate is designed for easy access by adding 1 access door you can easily access the space between the wheel well and tailgate from inside the vehicle. Works very well with Tacoma System Infill Panels. Serves as a great sleeping platform as well.


Price is for one top plate to cover a single module.



Legacy SKU:

TTP1-1950-D, TTP1-1950-P, TTP1-1959-D, TTP1-1959-P, TTP1-1970-D, TTP1-1970-P, TTP1-2350-D, TTP1-2350-P, TTP1-2359-D, TTP1-2359-P

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