2014 - 2020 Toyota 4Runner Low Key Bumper

Options: 30" Single Row Light Cut Out/ no bull bar
Sale price$925.00


2014 - 2020 Toyota 4Runner Low Key Steel Bumper 

Fits most trim models except Limited. Replaces center valance with ability to add on winch (9-10.K winch with minor modifications to AC hard lines).



No Light Cut Out

30" Single Row Light Cut Out -  Extreme LED 5D fits the best, (most economical price with a decent light output) however, most 30" light bars will fit with minor modification to the brackets.

Pod Light Cut Out - special promotion with Mocha Performance - will include a set of Mocha Performance white/amber pods with black ops lens. All associated hardware included. 

Bull bar/ Hoops - Can add hoops or no hoops to each version. Mid version will interfere with TSS, High hoop will not.  Please specify and add to cart.

Designed to be lightweight, but structurally sound. Minor bumper trimming required.

Powder Coated black, Installation available.

4-6 weeks build time. Installation available by appointment only.

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