4Runner 5th Gen Low Profile Plate Based Sleeping Platforms 2010-Current Model Years

Model: 40% Low Profile-Plate Based
Sale price$419.00


The 4Runner Low Profile Sleeping System

With the 4Runner LOW PROFILE-PLATE BASED sleeping platform you can now set up your rig for stealth camping and get even more comfortable with more interior height. The first model is the Drivers side platform and covers the 40% side of the rear seat which must be completely removed for installation. The second model is the passengers side platform and covers the 60% side of the rear seat which must be completely removed for installation. An access door from the top as well as side access when the passenger door is open makes for a great amount of storage right in the center of your vehicle and at he lowest point which is great for vehicle stability.

***The LOW PROFILE sleeping platforms for the 5th Gen 4Runner do require the Goose Gear Plate but do not require a Goose Gear Storage Module. Does not require cutting or drilling of any part of the vehicle.***

Overall length is 73", our taller clients push the front seats forward and stuff bags or pillows behind the seats to extend the sleeping area.

40% and 60% Sleeping Platforms are designed for 2010-Current Toyota 4Runner (without third row seat option only)

40% Delete Weighs 15.8 Pounds

60% Delete Weighs 29.2 Pounds

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