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Select Platform: 05-15 Tacoma Short Bed
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Please allow 12-16 weeks for custom canopies.

Alu-Cab holds 17 years’ experience manufacturing Aluminium canopies, for the overland industry, along with millions of km’s of off-road testing. Our Canopies are built from Top Grade Aluminium and are Ford Approved. This offers more practicality and utility features. 

Alu-Cab has designed its canopy, not as a canopy in the conventional sense of the word, but rather as a necessity for the overlander. It’s more of a working tool and while it’s light weight, it offers the perfect strength to weight ratio, for the job. Keeping things light, has always been key when preparing your overlanding vehicle. Our canopies have been designed for ease of use, with side opening doors opening, for easy access to your load bin.

Canopy Option:

The Canopy is available in two alternative rear door options:

  • A standard full width rear door option, known as our Explorer Canopy, which allows for unrestricted access to your load bin.
  • Or for the avid overlander, there is the smaller adventure door option (with a 900mm opening at the rear door), known as our Adventure Canopy. Although this makes the rear opening smaller, it provides you with the allocated space to mount Gas Bottles and Jerry Cans on either side of the rear – it’s out of the way and easy to access


All the doors on either side of the canopy, including rear, are available in both tread or smooth plate.

The advantages of the tread plate, over smooth, is its durability and its ability to make scratches less visible.


Silver or a black powder coated finish.


A Double Cab canopy, depending on canopy type, averages at weight of 55kg.

Canopy Accessories:

  • Right Hand Dust Pressure Equalizer
  • Low-Profile Load Bar Kit
    • The Low-Profile Load Bar Kit attaches to the roof of the canopy and allows you to attach aftermarket roof racks, roof top tents, and more.
  • Canopy Cupboard
    • The Canopy Cupboard sits inside the canopy and is easily accesible by the side doors. It allows you to store anything you want in it.
  • Kitchen Cupboard
    • Having your equipped side Canopy Cupboard, means easy access to your gear from the sides. So, by adding kitchen equipment to the side of the truck, means your basic essentials are there at all times - ready when you need them. Therefore, at a roadside stop, there is no unpacking required to make a quick lunch, or while you are in the camp, you can work around the vehicle. Everything is firmly fixed in place, making it simple and easy to operate.  I do need to mention that this is a real winner, for the wives, or for those of you who are domesticated and do the cooking.
      • 4 x stainless steel mugs
      • 1 x spatula
      • 4 x stainless steel tumblers
      • 1 x large plastic container
      • 3 x small plastic container
      • 1 x bread knife
      • 1 x steak knife
      • 1 x pot
      • 4 x plastic bowls
      • 4 x platters
      • 1 x cutlery bag including cutlery (4 x teaspoons, 4 x tablespoons, 4 x forks, 4 x knives)
      • 1 kettle
      • 1 x chopping board
      • *Pan and spices not included.
  • Ceiling Table Mount Kit with Table
    • The Ceiling Table Mount Kit with Table mounts to the ceiling of the canopy.
  • Side Prep Table 2.0
    • The Slide Prep Table 2.0 mounts to the exterior of the canopy and rests on the bed of the truck. It gives you a convenient area to prep food.
  • Canopy Trax Table
    • The canopy trax table is a great way to not only store 2 or 4 Maxtrax but it also doubles as a table.
  • Canopy Ammo Box Slide
    • The canopy ammo box slide allows you to store up to 4 South African ammo boxes.

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