IceBox 1.3 with Top Drawer - 25" Deep Module for Land Rover Defender 2020-Present

Color: Black
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The Goose Gear IceBox 1.3 is designed specifically for the Land Rover Defender 2020-Present containing a complete fridge slide integrated into a Goose Gear Module as well as a storage drawer on top. While having a large cut out of the left side of the CampKitchen to provide access to Land Rover storage. It features a 100% extension fridge tray with Lock-In/Lock-Out capability. With the Goose Gear IceBox, you can safely store gear on top of your fridge and still have complete access without having to unload your gear to access your food.

The additional top drawer comes in really handy for keeping camp kitchen essentials or tools handy and easy to get to - no more unpacking bags or boxes looking for something you frequently use!

IceBox 1.3 Specifications: 

  • Exterior Dimension: 19-3/16"W x 27-1/2"H x 25"D
  • Fridge Tray Dimension:   15"W x 20"H x 25"D



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