Ineos Grenadier Folding Tailgate Table with Extended Storage Cubby

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Introducing the GP Grenadier Folding Tailgate Table with extended storage Cubby. All the features of our standard table, with a useful cubby built into the back panel of the table for storing vehicle supplies, tools, cooking needs, etc. This cubby is way more useful than the plastic factory cubby as you gain extra space. The Cubby Provides a approx. 650 cubic inches of storage space. The cubby also features top and side molle cut outs for attaching pouches, or bunch cords to further secure items. The table folder serves as a the cubby door, allow us to extend the cubby to make it actually usable for storage. The cubby also features a  mounting location for a National Luna Light or any approx 10" wide LED panel light (Sold Separately).

*2/20/24  - all orders placed are preorders that will ship in April*


The GP Factor Ineos Grenadier Folding Tailgate Table incorporates GP’s patented table and hinge design. This hinge is completely cable-less and can handle weights beyond what is needed for a drop table. The table hinges utilize a two latch system that allows users to release and latch the table one handed.


The GP Factor Ineos Grenadier Folding Tailgate Table surface is made from #4 food grade stainless. The mounting backer is made from durable aluminum with a clean, textured powder coat black finish. The rest of the hardware is either stainless steel, or black nitride for added durability and corrosion resistance.


All GP Factor Ineos Grenadier Folding Tailgate Tables come equipped with a huge 24” x 14” bamboo cutting board that stores blow the table surface. This cutting board can be removed for cleaning or use off the table as well.


One of the best parts of this table and the Grenadier is there is NO Modification needed to install or run this table. The table will bolt to the existing tailgate Rivnut locations with the factory hardware or the stainless we will provide with the table. Installation will take less than 15 min! Simply remove the factory plastic panel, and put on our table!


  • Food-grade 24x14" stainless table surface
  • Proprietary reinforced stainless steel hinge design for long term durability and ease of use. No more stretched cables getting in the way. Weight capacity rated at 60 lbs
  • Custom 24"”x14” bamboo cutting board can slide out to left or right side of table to meet the user’s needs
  • Micro two-stage rotary latch system allows users to release and close table with one hand
  • Lightweight aluminum back panel with durable Grey Anthracite textured powder coat finish


  • Back Panel: Aluminum with Anthracite Grey textured powder coat finish
  • Table: 304-#4 food-grade stainless steel
  • Hinges: 304-2b stainless steel
  • Pat. Pend. Hinge Nut: 4140 steel with Blacknitride+ (Salt bath ferritic nitrocarburizing) finish
  • Hardware: Stainless steel
  • Cutting Board: CNC cut bamboo
  • Dimensions of table surface: 24” x 14”
  • Weight Capacity - 55lbs
  • Weight: Approx. 22 lbs
  • All GP Factor Ineos Grenadier Folding Tailgate Tables are 100% Made in the USA

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