Products Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Double Drawer Module 6ft Tacoma 2nd and 3rd gen

Style: Black-Driver
Sale price$1,745.00


The Double Drawer Modules also have a new top plate with an extension on the rear to tie into the Alu-Cab extrusion channels as well. The extension makes for a more comfortable seating space.

Tacoma Double Drawer Module Measures: 21"w x 19-1/2"h x 13"d
Tacoma Double Drawer Module Top Plate Measures: 21"w x 16-1/2"d

All of the Canopy Camper Modules require the Goose Gear Alu-Cab Canopy Camper Plate. Found Here

Additional options for either Drivers side or Passenger's side:

Utility Cabinet Front - with Water Tank / without Water Tank
Utility Cabinet Rear
Double Drawer Module Rear

By tying the modules to the Canopy Camper, the installer is able to get a consistent flat surface between the optional Utility Modules and Drawer Modules. The installation process requires the user to install spacers onto the supplied brackets for proper leveling.

The product options are laid out in the following format and sold separately:

Drivers Front (Utility Module with Alu-Cab water tank or without the water tank)
Drivers Rear (Utility Module or Double Drawer Module)
Passenger Front (Utility Module with Alu-Cab water tank or without the water tank)
Passenger Rear (Utility Module or Double Drawer Module)

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