Volkswagen Touareg 2011-2017 2nd Gen. Second Row Seat Delete Plate System™

Seat Delete: 40% Passenger Seat Delete
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With the Volkswagen Touareg Second Row Seat Delete Plate System™ you can now create a large and flat platform for various uses. This system makes a perfect sleeping platform as well as storage space for larger items you want to keep inside your rig such as surfboards etc.

Available in 40% passenger side or 60% drivers side, you can use one or both plates for a 100% delete. Both the 40% and 60% require the rear plate system which is found here Touareg Rear Plate


  • Seat Delete Layout: 
    • 40% Seat Delete - Passenger Side 
    • 60% Seat Delete - Driver Side 
  • Weights: 
    • 40% Seat Delete = 20 Lbs. (Factory Seats = 50 Lbs.)
    • 60% Seat Delete = 26 Lbs. (Factory Seats = 90 Lbs.)
  • Dimensions:
    • 40% Seat Delete: 18-22" wide X 32" long
    • 60% Seat Delete: 29-33" wide X 32" long





Legacy SKU's :  PCAY-2-SRD40 Pass, PCAY-2-SRD60 Drivers

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