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Everything you need to venture off the beaten path. The Yoho is a backpack for your truck – inside it contains all the camping equipment you need for off-grid adventures and the portability to take out and use features outside too. Built to fit mid-sized trucks, with a base weight of only 934 lbs, and sleeping up to 4, truck camping just got lighter, greener, and more accessible.

A camper with everything you need, and nothing that you don’t. The Yoho comes standard with off-grid essentials like solar power, a portable power station, led lights, portable water storage with filtration, and more. Choose whatever optional add-ons you need to enhance your off-grid experience too, like the 45L portable fridge/freezer, the dual zone cooktop designed specifically for Scout by Dometic, the 260 degree awning, and more. We’ve specifically sought out and tested only the best essential features for off-grid adventures.

The Scout Yoho offers a new range of accessibility because of its small size and exceptionally low base weight. It makes truck camping more accessible by fitting the mid-sized category of trucks like the Ford Ranger, Toyota Tacoma, and more. At only 934lbs dry, you can now pack more gear and worry less about payload capacities on your off-grid explorations. And with innovative features like the removable camper jacks, you’ll be able to manage your travel weight to a tee.

While the Yoho is smaller and among the lightest of the hardwall truck campers in existence today, it’s just as capable for vigorous adventures. Built with aluminium exo-skeleton framing and no-wood composite structural panels, Scout campers are highly durable, safe, and constructed for 4-season travel. If you’re planning on camping in cold weather, rest assured that you’ll be comfortable. The combination of camper’s pristine construction and the 12V solar powered cross ventilation system mean that condensation and humidity will be minimal.




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