Wrappon PF-1 Toilet system

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The Wrappon PF-1 portable toilet is an innovative camping toilet that wraps and seals in waste and odors without using any water. Operation is clean and sanitary because waste is wrapped after each use. During an emergency, this waterless portable toilet for cars can be powered using a dedicated battery or the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle. The functionally enhanced automatic wrapping toilet can be used in any situation-during everyday life or emergencies. The Wrappon is the safe and portable alternative to the more common off-grid propane toilet and the one of the most cost-effective long term sanitary solutions for remote sites. The Wrappon portable toilet can be used in nearly every situation whether that be an emergency, a day on the boat, a fun outing with you family, or for the convenience of an elderly or injured loved one. Providing a safe and clean environment in any of these situations is always a welcome convenience. The PF-1 is collapsible. Simply unfold the main body, insert the pedestal and install the toilet seat. The PF-1 seals the waste bag manually by pulling up the lever which uses thermocompression to bond the waste bag. Please Note: Does not come DC Power Cable. Does come with starter Bags and Coagulant Let us show you how Wrappon can help you.

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