Alu-Cab Khaya Shell Camper

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In search of the perfect slide in camper, this Khaya Alu-Cab camper for sale was born. Taking what we have learned over the years of producing custom campers along with the Ossewa, we applied this experience into designing a totally new aluminum slide in camper from the ground up. Starting with a full hand “tig” welded aluminum extrusion skeleton, an extremely labor intensive process that gives the Khaya an unmatched strength to weight ratio. Enclosing this aluminum skeleton is a combination of aluminum corrugation and tread plate using cutting edge adhesive technology and “tig” welding in crucial structural areas. This eliminating the use of wood products on the exterior of the camper for greater durability and lighter weight.

The pop top mechanism and tent enclosure share the same technology as our Hercules and Icarus conversions, allowing the tent to be deployed in under 5 seconds and closed in under 10 seconds. Allowing a no hassle setup and tear down no matter the conditions.

Knowing our customers travel into the outdoors to spend time outside, we designed four exterior cupboards to enhance that time spent with a full kitchen set, propane, shower and loads of space for tools, recovery and air gear. All protected with keyed push lock compression latches and no windows to draw unwanted attention. The complete exterior is powercoated in-house in either a smooth silver or textured black coating for a tough scratch resistant finish in any environment.

The planning of the interior follows the same philosophy of the camper’s exterior, utilizing aluminum extrusion framing including an all-aluminum kitchen unit. Counting every kilo, we utilized our proven canvas cabinet coverings to provide a light weight and ultra-durable storage solution. Interior space is kept to a realistic minimum for two adults to maximize outside storage while retaining the smallest overall footprint. This providing seating for two, full standing room from 6’ 6” to over 8’ and easy access to the Dometic sink and double burner stove along with the National Luna 60L Twin Fridge Freezer that doubles as a great prep station.   

When introducing the Khaya to the North American market, special attention was given not only to the unique vehicle fitments of the continent but also the demands of the climate and consumer. All vehicle fitments were designed and tested in CAD and two prototype units were shipped for further real world testing and development to both the East and West coasts. After six plus months each of hard miles, trails, motorways and nights under the stars production models were finalized and the builds underway. The end product is what we collectively feel is the ultimate aluminum slide-in camper. Expedition proven quality meets convenient slide in camper and gone are the days of needing a fully dedicated vehicle for this level of comfort and dependability off the grid.

Because each Khaya camper is hand built in our Cape Town, South Africa headquarters to the customer’s specifications typically lead times vary between 6-10 weeks dependent on demand. For current lead times please ask an Alu-Cab representative.

We have created an extensive list of available options for the Khaya camper, all the essentials of a proper expedition while never sacrificing function for form. Each individual accessory has been tested, revised or replaced until we feel it is the perfect solution for the offering.

Suggested Options
Electrical System

The Electrical System option equips the camper with a fully engineered power distribution system including a house battery. Charging of the house battery can be performed by the vehicle’s alternator, an 110v shore line or optional solar panel from the pair of CTEK chargers all installed in an easy to access outside electrical cupboard housing all vital electrical components.

  • CTEK 110V 4.3a Cold Weather Charger
  • CTEK D250S
  • Noco 110V Bulkhead
  • ATC Fuse Block
  • National Luna Battery Monitor (Internally Mounted)
  • (4) USB Chargers (Sleeping Area Mounted)
  • (2) 12V Cigarette Chargers (Sleeping Area Mounted)
  • (2) LED Stalk Reading Lights (Sleeping Area Mounted)
  • Aluminum Battery Box W/ Odyssey Group 35 Battery
  • 12v Fridge Outlet

H20 System
The H20 System option includes a hand built stainless steel water tank mounted as low and forward as possible for improved center of gravity. Besides the 12v electric pump and food grade plumbing, a stainless steel valve is located outside the rear of the camper for campsite convenience and emergency H20 access if needed. This system is the base and necessary for the external shower and internal sink operation.   

The H20 System includes the following components:

  • 120L Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • 12V H20 Pump
  • (2) Exterior Stainless Water Outlets
  •  H20 Fill & Food Safe Plumbing

Mechanical Camper Jacks
The Mechanical Camper Jacks are  quickly attached and allow easy installation and removal of the camper. They are zinc plated, Rieco Titan camper jacks and come in a quantity of four. 

National Luna Light System
The National Luna Lighting System includes seven dual color LED lights that have three brightness levels and can switch between white and red light. These light are mounted in each outer cupboard on a swivel to aim the light to where best needed at camp along with one on the rear hatch, one on the bottom of the sleeping platform and the last on the ceiling above the bed area. All are wired to the electrical cupboard fuse panel and individually are controlled with a waterproof touch botton.


Interior Options
12v 10L H20 Heater System with Shower

Please Note:
 The Internal Kitchen Unit, Electrical System & H2O System are required for this option.
Want quick and easy hot water for tea, a shower, or dishes? There are a number of reasons why hot water is great to have - especially when you're traveling. The 12v 10L H20 Heater System with Shower adds hot water to your Khaya without the need for carrying extra fuels. Born in Australia the Duoetto water heater is a longtime favorite for expedition vehicles.

60L Fridge Platform
The Fridge Platform is constructed from aluminum extrusion and houses most 60l fridge options along with providing zippered storage beneath.

Diesel Forced Air Furnace with 5L Fuel Tank
Please Note:
 The Internal Kitchen Sink & Stove Unit is required for this option.
The Planar 2D diesel heater is a marine grade heater that runs off a standalone stainless fuel tank integrated into the RHS outer cupboard. Not only is this unit ultra-efficient, but being run by diesel it gives the ability to be topped off at fuel stops on extended trips.

External Cupboard Kitchen Kitting
Outside cooking is what camp cooking is all about to us and the Khaya Kitchen Cupboard is setup perfectly to suit four people (we assume your cooking will attract friends) with full kit for a proper meal from coffee mugs, full cutlery set and cookware.

The kitchen kitting includes:

  • (2) Plastic containers in holder
  • (1) Cutlery Set
  • (4) Mugs
  • (4) Platters
  • (1) Cutting board
  • (1) Pot
  • (1) Kettle
  • (1) Seasoning bottle holder
  • (1) Knife set

Internal Kitchen Sink & Stove Unit
Please Note:
 The H20 System is required for this option.
The Internal Kitchen Sink and Stove Unit is a great solution for cooking and cleanup if weather conditions limit outside activities. The all-aluminum kitchen unit has two compression lock drawers for storing kitchen utensils along with a drop down prep table. The unit also houses a Dometic dual propane burner stove powered by a 5lb tank housed in an outside cupboard along with a sink with hot and cold water. Lastly the unit houses the hot water heater and air heater out of sight.

National Luna 60L Twin Fridge with Baskets
A combination of 42mm and 60mm high performance insulation allows for an extremely compact true fridge and freezer combination with independent thermostats. Ultimate versatility provides the choice between twin fridge, twin freezer or fridge + freezer.

Exterior Options
Folding Table Under Overhang

The folding table comes installed in mounting brackets built into the cab overhang of the camper, utilizing the space for a generous 46” x 30” camp table.

LHS Shadow Awn with Mounts
The Shadow Awn deploys quickly and requires no pole support for winds under 10mph. When added to the Khaya, it provides protection from the sun and lessens element exposure when entering and exiting your vehicle.

1450 Load Bar Kit
The load bar kit attaches to the top of the Khaya camper aluminum roof rails, allowing you to attach accessories such as solar panels, Maxtrax, or whatever else you need to store!

100W Solar Panel (Includes 1450 Load Bar Kit)
Please Note:
 The Electrical System is required for this option.
This kit includes a 100W Solar Panel mounted to a pair of 1450mm load bars towards the rear of the Khaya roof and wired to the CTEK D250S.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure with Duckboard
If you're adding the Heater System with Shower, we recommend you pair that option with the Outdoor Shower Enclosure with Duckboard. The shower enclosure easily pulls out from the Khaya and gives you gives you privacy while showering. The duckboard ensures your feet stay clean of dirt and debris while showering and stores out of the way on the rear entry hatch.

Rear Door Canvas Zipped Pockets
These four simple pockets add brilliant storage to an otherwise dead space on the inside of the entry hatch.

Shadow Awn Gutter
If you're adding the Shadow Awn Option, we recommend the Shadow Awn Gutter option. The Shadow Awn Gutter blocks the space between the Khaya camper and Shadow Awn, preventing elements coming between the awning and the camper unit.

Side Slide Prep Table
The Side Slide Prep Table neatly stores in the outer kitchen cupboard and quickly and conveniently attaches to the integrated aluminum channel on the driver side of the camper. This creates a convenient prep space.

Spade & Mount Kit
The  Spade & Mount Kit consist of (1) Shelterwerks MPS-1 spade (in Alu-Cab orange) attaching to the right hand side cupboard with Front Runner mounts.

Swing Arm Full Size Tire Carrier
One of the most important pieces of kit for any adventure vehicle has to be a proper full spare wheel and tire. While most campers prohibit the use of tire carriers and force undersized spares to remain under bed, the Khaya incorporates a heavy duty carrier suited to carry up to a 35” tire. This carrier swings to the RHS to provide greater space under the awning and locks into its open position via a stainless steel locking mechanism so it can be left open all night despite wind conditions.

Zippered Rear Screen Door
The zippered rear screen door allows added ventilation while providing protection from mosquitos. It rolls up neatly and is secured by two Velcro

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