Alu-Cab Tilting Fridge Slide (X-Large Fridges)

Sale price$529.00


The Alu-Cab tilting fridge slide is a convenient fridge slide that allows you to safely mount your fridge in confined areas. The drop down fridge slide allows you to pull your fridge out of the vehicle and tilt it down for convenience. 

This tilting fridge slide fits the following fridge freezers:

ARB Fridges

  • ARB Element 63QT

Dometic Fridges

  • CFX3-75DZ
  • CFX3-95DZ
  • CFX3-100

National Luna Fridges

  • National Luna 80L/90L

Snowmaster Fridges

  • Snowmaster BD/C-80

If your fridge freezer is not listed, this fridge slide will fit a fridge freezer up to a 900x550 (35.43" x 21.65")

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