Bump Stop Mounting Kit with King 2.0 Bump Stops

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Tired of harsh bottom outs with stock rear rubber bump stops? Factory bump stops do not offer much cushion during an abrupt bottom out when hitting a roller or a ditch at high speed.

Installing an air bump on your rear suspension system allows you to tune the rear suspension and provides progressive dampening control that takes the harsh kick out of the rear end. KING rear bump stops allow you to custom set their nitrogen PSI so that they will absorb the harsh bottom outs with added comfort and control.

100% bolt on bump stop bracket mount to the factory bolt holes and replaces the factory bump stop.

Utilizes 2" travel KING 2.0" diameter bump stops.

Improves handling and performance on and off road when weight has been added to the bed of the truck.

Cushions harsh bottom outs.

Includes lower strike pad that bolts to the factory u bolt location.

Grade 8 hardware is included.

Not compatible with King 3.0" Rear Bypass Shocks or U-Bolt Flip Kits.

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