Dual Shock Hoops - Long Travel & Shock Length Lower Control Arms

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- Maximize your vehicles dampening control and custom tunability when you install a secondary shock.

- 4130 pre-bent chromoly shock hoops are designed to install a secondary 2.5" or 3.0" bypass shock.

- Reinforces the factory coil bucket. The low profile design keeps the hoop from contacting the inner fender well.

- Flush mount top plate was designed to allow the hoop to be used with shocks that use bolts or studs on upper mount and eliminates the need to trim the inner fenderwell to install the rear bolt.

- Upper shock tabs are tacked in place to aid in secondary shock location set up. Welding is required.

- Grade 8 hardware included.

- Designed specifically for TC suspension systems upgrades. Fits: TC Long travel systems and Expedition Series and Race Series stock length lower arms ONLY.

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