Ford F150 2015-Present 13th & 14th Gen. SuperCab - Second Row Seat Delete Plate System

Seat Delete Plate System: 40% Passenger Side
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The Ford F150 second row seat deletes for the SuperCab is designed for you to easily remove your rear seats and create a flat and secure platform to secure your gear to. The platform includes hatches that allow access to the factory storage space below the rear seats. In addition to the base plate, you also get a back wall replacement that is secured to the base plate and the factory anchors points in the back wall.

This product is designed to match the factory seat layout: 

  • 40% Passenger Side Seat Delete
  • 60% Driver Side Seat Delete 
    • Factory Subwoofer Option NOT Available at this time
Run both Seat Deletes for a 100% Second Row Seat Delete

This unit is 100% bolt in and does not require drilling. 

The addition of the back wall gives you ample space to secure other gear if necessary, such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits and other personal gear.

For the design, we utilized our preferred design of 60/40 split. This design allows the user to add a fridge or cooler behind the passenger's seat in a front to back orientation. Keeping the 60% space wide open and usable. Fridge models that would easily fit in this space include:

  • National Luna Weekender 50 and 52, Legacy 40 and 52
  • Dometic CFX3 35, 45 and 55
  • ARB Classic 35, 47 and Zero 38 and 47
  • SnoMaster TR42 and CL40
  • Other fridge models can certainly fit in this space. our recommended maximum dimensions for this area are 28"w x 18"d x 22"h


Product Specifications: 

  • Product Weight
    • 40% Seat Delete: 21 lbs.
    • 60% Seat Delete: 32 lbs.

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