FiftyTen USA Full-Size Camping System

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What is as important as thrilling adventures and a joyfull time? A good night´s sleep – it recharges your batteries and gives you the energy that you need for your next exciting day.

The Rooftop-Tent is set up in a few seconds. Just undo the security hook and push it open. The rest will happen by itself. And closing it is nearly as easy: just pull it down, check that all fabric is safely inside and close it.

For the mattress and the supporting spring system, we went for the best the market has to offer. The springs can be adjusted in strength and are well aired. The mattress cover can be taken off and is washable.

Interior build-out options are available by Goose Gear™ our 1st dealer in the USA. For more info, please visit their website to learn about their new S-Series product. FiftyTen USA is proud to say we will be the first camping system that utilizes this new product. Just launched in May 2019, Goose Gear™ will have many different color options to fit your taste. 


  • 80mm mattress and Froli spring system give you a restful sleep
  • The tent fabric can be easily taken off and stored in a warm and dry place. This is helpful when not using the tent for a longer period.
  • The roof is accessible and can be loaded. Airline rails are mounted left and right along the entire length



Cabin Dimensions in Inches

Width: 78-3/4”
Length: 78-3/4”
Height Closed: 47-1/4” From top of tray to top of camper
Height Open: 95” From top of tray to top of camper when open

Left & Right Side Access Doors
Width: 56-3/4”
Height: 32-1/4”

Rear Access Door
Width: 36-1/4”
Height: 31-1/2”

Cabin Dimension in Millimeters

Length: 2000mm
Width: 2000mm
Height Closed: 1200mm
Height Open: 2400mm

Left & Right Side Access Doors
Width: 1440mm
Height: 820mm

Rear Access Door
Width: 920mm
Height: 800mm


Tray System with Supports for Cargo Box / Tire Carrier, storage boxes, drawer and trim panels
385 Pounds

Camper Unit - Includes camper module, tent and mattress with an empty interior space
573 Pounds

When removing the bed of your existing truck you will be removing between 300-500 pounds depending upon vehicle model. Typically we see gains of 500 - 650 pounds for the entire system after the bed removal.

Made in Germany

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